Site Plan Agreement

As a condition of approval of the plans and drawings, the municipality may require the owner of the land to provide the facilities, easements and other matters specified in the act by entering into a site plan agreement. Section 41 of the Planning Act (ONT) allows a municipality to establish one or more site plan control areas within the municipality. If development in this area is proposed, a developer must obtain the approval of City Council (or its deputy) for the plans and drawings of the proposed development specified in the Act. The Company undertakes to make a prudent commitment to commence construction within eighteen (18) months of final approval of the Site Plan and to complete construction within thirty-six (36) months of final approval of the Site Plan, subject to „force majeure only“. Other applicable TGS performance measures such as pedestrian infrastructure, urban heat island reduction, water quality, quantity and efficiency, and urban forest: the promotion of tree growth is ensured through the site plan approval process. ConclusionThe proposed development is an amendment to the site-specific zoning by-law No. 127-2008, which was adopted by Council in 2008 and amended by the Adaptation Committee in 2011. If a municipality does not approve the plans or drawings within 30 days of their submission, or if an owner is not satisfied with an application made by the municipality, including the terms of a site plan agreement, the matter may be referred to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (formerly the Ontario Municipal Board) for a decision. Section 501 – Approval of the general site plan The administrator does not issue a development permit for any use or structure whatsoever, with the exception of single-family and two-family homes, outbuildings and uses, which are subject to conditions until the Planning Commission issues a site plan permit. If the Company does not commence construction within eighteen (18) months of the issuance of final site plan approval, the County may terminate this Agreement thirty (30) days prior to written notice to the Company. The City Council instructs the Chief Urban Planner and the Executive Director of Urban Planning to ensure data protection measures such as clerestory windows and/or gel glazing on the east and west facades by approving the site plan. .

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