Billing Agreement Sample

Feel free to use as a starting point and delete what you don`t need. Remember that this is just one example that can be customized. I used ACME as the generic name for the billing service. As with all business contracts, it`s a good idea to have them reviewed by a lawyer before signing with a client. The following is an example of a medical billing contract in text form if you prefer to cut and paste it into a Word document: ADDENDUM TO THE FULL REIMBURSEMENT MANAGEMENT SERVICE AGREEMENTThis additional service agreement hereby amends the terms of the service agreement between Acme Medical Billing LLC (hereinafter „Acme“) and Dr. John Doe (hereinafter „Customer“). I have seen too many situations where a client thinks they can use a billing service immediately and is not required to compensate them for all the time, work and expenses they have suffered in order for the doctor to be paid. Next, it is important to have a good clear medical billing contract. After entering into this contract with Rocket Lawyer, you will have the opportunity to pick it up anytime and anywhere.

With a premium membership, you can make changes, sign with RocketSign®, copy, download, and print if needed. Each billing service contract is associated with a number of following steps that you can follow once your document is complete. Ensure that all signatories receive their copies of the final agreement. If you do it yourself, hiring a lawyer to review your document can take a long time. Sometimes a lawyer won`t even accept requests to review your document if they weren`t the author. In the event that a lawyer offers to help you, they will still charge their standard rate to do so. An easier and more cost-effective way would be to use rocket lawyer`s legal services. When you become a premium member, you can have your agreements evaluated by a duty lawyer with business experience.

Whether you end up creating another billing services contract or other legal documents, Rocket Lawyer is by your side. Why a medical billing contract? There`s an old saying: „Everyone looks good on the starting line.“ That is, when you work with someone for the first time, everyone is pleasant and cooperative. This is the time to document your consent to later minimize any „he said she said“ problem. There`s also another saying – „If it`s not in writing, it didn`t happen. A billing services contract can be used in any state and allows a billing service provider to define the terms of its agreements with a customer. With the signatures of the billing service provider and the customer, this essential contract helps set expectations. Any agreement under an active Rocket Lawyer Premium subscription is more than a generic billing agreement template and can be enhanced by an attorney`s optional Document Defense support®. Below is the same example of medical billing contract text if you want to cut and paste your own word processing document.

I know it`s a bit difficult to copy from a PDF document. Fortunately, you don`t need to hire a traditional lawyer to draft your agreement. With Rocket Lawyer`s document tools, billing service providers can create an online billing service contract for free. Your agreement will be compiled section by section as you enter more details. Just tap or click „Create Document“ at the top to get started. Even if you are an experienced medical billing business owner, you should have a good contract that protects your business interests if you have a dispute. CONSIDERING that Customer wishes to engage ACME to engage acme to provide claims and billing services when ACME asserts insurance claims on Customer`s behalf with government and commercial companies by electronic and paper means; Many providers want previous insurance and patient aging to be treated due to issues with previous billing practices in the office. It`s fine and it`s great service for a medical biller, but it should be the right price. Remember that if you calculate different rates for aging, you must follow the ageing rights separately from the current ones. A billing services contract can be used in any state and allows a billing service provider to define the terms of its agreements with a customer. With the signatures of both. Learn more Reporting requirementsSome billing services include requests and frequency of reports.

I do not include this because I believe that the provider should be entitled to reports on request to see how their practice is working. Most vendors also have access to the practice management system and create their own reports. A contract is very important for a medical billing company to define the roles and responsibilities of both parties, as well as the services provided, prices, conditions, etc. It must also clearly describe the responsibilities of the client and the medical billing department. Ageing prices separatelyYou can also make it clear in your medical billing contract that you are not responsible for claims or billing issues that occurred prior to the date of your contract. This is especially important when current billing is a mess. If this is resolved retrospectively, you can document the agreement with an addendum to the medical billing contract similar to the one listed above. Customer shall pay Acme ____% of the total (gross) amount received by ALL insurance companies and ALL patients as a result of billing services provided by Acme to Customer, with a minimum monthly amount of $500. The customer agrees to provide Acme with copies of all Service Declaration (EOU) forms received from insurance payers, as well as payment records received directly from patients (weekly). ACME records payments received from insurance payers in the patient`s file, submits all secondary or tertiary claims and, if necessary, invoices the patient directly to ensure full payment to the client. The effective date of this change is ___ This Service Agreement is an addendum to the original agreement between the parties and may only be amended in writing, signed by or on behalf of both parties. Suppliers may also require you to sign a business partnership agreement with respect to the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

This document indicates that a relevant company (the supplier) has entered into an agreement with the business partner (in this case, the medical billing department) to comply with the requirements of the HIPAA privacy rule. If you agree to changes to the medical billing agreement, they can be treated with a change. Here is an example of an addendum to the medical billing contract in PDF. CONSIDERING that ACME is a health care billing and services company that provides computerized claims, billing and collection services to health care providers and submits health insurance claims on behalf of health care providers to government and commercial companies electronically and on paper, including billing services directly to patients or for the patient`s share of costs for healthcare providers who are not covered by insurance; And as you might expect, this invoice agreement template created with Rocket Lawyer also includes standard legal language on non-employment between parties, compensation for losses, and finally dispute resolution methods. When building your agreement, you can also choose the jurisdiction of the state to which it belongs. With the Document tool, you have the option to make further changes if necessary. .

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